Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Review of "Fat Chance"

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There were a whole mound of hilarious quotations that I had saved up from this book to share with you all through this blog post, but I really think the one above is incredibly important. It concerns an issue which I greatly believe in, in that, we're now being fed food-like substances rather than food by major corporations. Many illnesses are on the rise and we pretty much all have an addiction to sugar in some form. Attitudes within governments and major companies (don't even get me started on Monsanto) really need a paradigm shift so that we aren't being fuelled by reams of nasty chemicals everyday. *Rant over*, this book is not actually entirely about creating a new world in which there's a fat chance of being fat, but is actually incredibly funny and heartwarming. 

Greg and Zoe are simply no longer happy. Despite being childhood sweethearts, and voraciously in love with each other now, their inability to produce a child, and one too many takeaways over the years has resulted in a stagnation in their marriage. When an opportunity comes up to star in a reality show produced by the radio channel Zoe works for, she is less than impressed that her best friend puts the couple's names into the running to star. However, when they realise they've been chosen to star in show, will it be the kick in the teeth they need to organise their lives, or will it destroy their marriage?

Filled with moments that literally made me laugh out loud, as well as ones that made me want to tear up, Nick Spalding effectively manages to navigate a difficult subject to handle with empathy.

Have you read it? What did you think?

Steph x

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