Saturday, 7 April 2018

Review of 'Between the Lies' by Cathy Macphail

Review of 'Between the Lies' by Cathy Macphail

It's been a bit of a 'long time no see' situation on here recently hasn't it? I've got a whole stack of books I've read all sitting waiting for me to write about, so hopefully this month will be a little less of a ghost town.

When I first picked up Between the Lies by Cathy Macphail I completely didn't realise that I'd actually read a book by the same author almost a decade ago. Did anyone else read Roxy's Baby as a teen?? Cathy's back with a brand new release in 2018 and it's fab.

I always get so put off by books with massive text, because it makes me think that they're for younger teens and that there's not that much plot. But, despite the font size, this was such a dark YA thriller filled with so many twists in the plot. I read most of it in one sitting because I was absolutely hooked.

Abbie, the main character, has no friends at school, and at home her dad's always off working on some campaign or another. She feels completely alone. And then Judith, one of the most popular girls in her year, goes missing. Who's the one person she texts? Abbie. The girls confided in one another in the school toilets a few days before Judith went missing, but no one else knows that, and can't understand why Abbie's the one being contacted. 

As Abbie launches her own campaign to bring Judith home, it begins to be clear that there's more to the story that meets the eye. What really is going on between Abbie and Judith? And what will happen when Judith returns and everyone forgets about Abbie again?

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