Thursday, 15 February 2018

Review of 'Remember This When You're Sad' by Maggy van Eijk

Review of 'Remember This When You're Sad' by Maggy van Eijk

I'm not really a big non-fiction reader at all. They just don't appeal to me. But, I have thumbed through a few mental health books in my time, and to be honest, I've found them all a bit useless. They've told me what to do to live a happier life, rather than exploring different issues you may have etc. This book is different, gloriously different.

Remember This When You're Sad is one of those books where I was torn between devouring it because it was fab, and wanting to read it super slowly so that it lasted forever. It was just so good. I really wanted to keep it to myself to read over and over again, but knew it was something I had to share by passing to a friend. I've taken a whole load of photos of different pages to help me out in tough times instead of clinging onto it.

The book progresses through different areas of the body. We have the skin, where the author talks about self harm, the gut, where she discusses issues around body image, etc etc. Finally we move onto the scariest thing of all: the outside world. One of the reasons why I love this is that the book isn't about one thing that can negatively impact your mental health. It covers trauma, including sexual trauma, anxiety, depression, BPD, eating disorders, self harm, and a myriad of issues these things can cause. 

If I'm honest with myself, one of the reasons why I rarely read non-fiction books is that I find them intimidating. They're draining to read as your mind tries to absorb all of the facts and info found in them. Remember This When You're Sad took that away for me. It's filled with little sketches, lists and personal anecdotes to break up the intensity of the book, which is exactly what I need.

I would definitely recommend this book if you want to read a good mental health book. It's the best one of its kind that I've ever read!

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